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Greatest Redskins Moment

This week is Redskins history. There were so many good moments during the Redskins Glory Years of the 1980's and early 90's. I would have to say my favorite Redskins moment of all time is the Darrell Green punt return against the Chicago Bears during the 1987 playoffs which helped secure the win for the Skins. The Redskins were down 14-0 early in a frigid cold game against the Bears at Soldier Field. Joe Gibbs inserted Darrell Green, who didn't return many punts during the regular season, to spark the team to life. Darrell fielded the ball at midfield and presided to leap over a Chicago Bears player that was about to tackle him. Green managed to stay on his feet but tore rib cartilage after landing awkwardly. However, Green continued to run down the sideline with the football pressed against his injured ribs and scored the touchdown. Darrell's punt return put the Redskins up 21-14 and they did not relinquish the lead for the rest of the game. Coincidentally, Darrell secured the win for the Redskins over the Minnesota Vikings in the very next game to go the Super Bowl. This moment against the Bears is my favorite because Darrell did not give up despite the injury. He was one of my favorite players alongside Riggo and had a storied 20 year career all with the Skins. Riggo's touchdown run in Super Bowl 17 was a close second in greatest moments. Maybe one day they will return to that kind of play and I will always call them the Redskins. There will be a podcast episode later in June about favorite Redskins moments. Stay Tuned!!

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