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History Blog and Podcast is back!!

Hello everyone. The blog and podcast are back for I've been on hiatus for awhile. I'm going to try to put out content on the blog on Friday nights and the podcast maybe every other Friday. The blog and podcast will continue to concentrate on U.S. Civil War content.

For the podcast I'm going to limit the length to 15 to 30 minutes so people don't get too bored with the material and concentrate on material other then the battles themselves. There is many other podcasts out there that do material on the campaigns and battles but I try to cover material on unknown things. I may continue doing some regimental histories of some of the Maryland and Virginia units of both sides since they were the most listened to on the last batch of episodes.

So here are 5 podcasts I have planned so far:

1) The Johnson-Gilmore Raid- This Confederate raid led by Maryland Confederate General Bradley Johnson was part of Jubal Early's campaign against Washington in July 1864. Johnson's mission was to liberate Confederate prisoners at Point Lookout Prison in St. Mary's County.

2)Maryland (CSA) vs Maryland (USA)- This is the story of the Confederate 1st Maryland attack on the Union 1st Maryland at the Battle of Front Royal. This was the only time during the war where units from the same state faced each other.

3)Galvanized Yankees of Point Lookout- The Union formed a unit of Confederate prisoners who volunteered to serve the United States Army then suffer in the prisoner of war camp.

4)Camp Stanton-Located along the Patuxent River near Benedict, MD, Camp Stanton was a recruiting station and training ground for the United States Colored Troops.

5)1841 Mississippi Musket-Mixing things up here and doing a story on the 1841 Mississippi Musket. It was widely used during the war and Maryland Confederate General Bradley Johnson acquired many Mississippi Rifles for his Maryland Unit.

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