The Fall of the Redskins under Dan Snyder

Hello all, going sports history this week and this one is real frustrating to this day. I'm calling the team the Redskins since its who i grew up cheering for and WFT is such a stupid name.

The Redskins under Joe Gibbs were my favorite team growing up and during Gibbs time the Skins won 3 super bowls and this was the glory years of the franchise. My favorite moment was Darrell Green running back a punt return in a playoff game against the Bears during their 1987 championship season. Green ran it back on broken ribs and what a play.

However, when Jack Kent Cooke died the franchise went downhill for it allowed the little weasel Dan Snyder to buy the team. Snyder ran the Redskins like a fantasy team overpaying old stars and interfering with management in the draft. Twenty years of Snyder's ownership has turned the Redskins into the laughing stock of the NFL. It all came to a head last summer with the name change and the sexual harassment claims under Snyder's rule of the team. Unfortunately the NFL decided to give him one hundred percent ownership of the team after the sexual harassment scandal which makes no sense to me. Maybe one day he'll be out of the owner an d the team will win again. Until then i n Ron we trust and keep that troll out of the football operation. Go

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